Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My NFL Draft pick grading system

So this is to explain to all of you how I grade NFL draft picks. This is my system that I developed for myself in 2009 when I became a full time NFL draft writer.

Year One-

These are typically called initial draft reviews. I look at the player, how that player fits into a team's system. What is expected of that player, and what kind of value that player was for the team selecting them. I then give the team a grade on their need for the position said player plays. I then give the team a grade on the talent level. This is a combination of where the player was ranked by the scouting services, and if the team reached for a player. It is important to remember that these are largely paper grades. These players do not receive grades on NFL production until year two.

Year Two-

My year two grades are given out solely based on what each player drafted the year before produced for the team in year one. If a player was injured or on a practice squad then the team gets a pass. If a player was cut in pre season that is a big negative in my book. If the player started or competed to start that is a big plus. I also try to factor in trades. If a player drafted was traded I try to analyze what that brought back to the team.

Year Three-

Since I began covering the draft full time in 2009 I haven't had a chance to do any of these yet. However, my year three grades will likely be the final grades for each draft. By year three we sort of know if a player is a bust or not, and we have a good idea on how each team will use those players.

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