Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My trip to Comerica Park

So, I am on a quest, a quest to visit all thirty MLB ballparks. I started with my hometown Detroit Tigers, and their 10-year-old facility Comerica Park. As a lifelong Tigers fan, and some who was at the Tiger Stadium hug way back in 1987, I do not want to like this park. I was a huge fan of the old lady on Michigan and Trumbull, but I have to say Comerica Park is a great place to see a ball game. Tigers fans can also see a game here on a reasonable budget.

I bought upper reserved tickets in section 338. My seat was section 338, row 15, seat 11. Pretty far up close to the top of the stadium. Yet I found the view of the game to be perfectly fine. My tickets had a face value of 14 bucks. I parked in a structure near Cobo Hall for five buck and rode the people mover over. All in all to get it the stadium I was right around 20 dollars. Since I, like most true Detroit guys, ate dinner at the famous Lafayette Coney Island before the game, it cost my right around 30 dollars to eat and attend the game.

I will say this; I only sat in my seat for a few innings during the mid part of the game. I spent the majority of my time on the Pepsi Porch in Right Field, and in the Jungle bar out there in between rain showers. I found both experiences to be truly great.

I do not think there is a bad seat in this park, and I have sat all over it including the press box and have found the actual baseball watching experience to be very enjoyable at each one of my seats. However, standing at the rail on the Pepsi Porch is by far my most beloved memory of Comerica Park. It is a great place to watch a baseball game and when I looked down at the Right field brick wall and saw Sparky Anderson’s #11 there, it made me feel right at home.

The Jungle bar is also a great place to get off your feet, watch the game on TV (dodge the rain as I did), and even indulge in a few adult beverages. I am a big fan of Labbatt Blue and that is what they serve there. Sure the beer prices are a little high, Barley pops go for 7.50 for a large there, but that is to be expected.

I spent the first two innings and last few innings wandering around the stadium itself. There are so many gift shops and food vendors that one never has to wait for food, beer, or Tigers gear. Even with a sell out crowd Comerica Park can service its customers with great efficiency. Again I find the prices for things quite elevated, but I suspect that is the case of each of the 29 other MLB ball parks. I will find out, as I will be traveling to Cleveland later this month to visit their stadium.

In the end I am very impressed with Comerica Park and all of the amities it offers Tigers fans. If you do not want to sit in your seat there are several places to hang out with other Tigers fan and simply enjoy being at the ballpark. A savvy Tigers fans can also see a game live on a reasonable budget, or indulge in the high end amities that normal folks like you and I often can not afford.

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