Monday, July 22, 2013

Song Lyrics....Know...

Song- Know
Written- sometime in the fall of 2003
Band- Calculted Risk/Third World Assassins
About- Christy


My Thoughts warm you
Fingers explore you
Everywhere we go
People ask the question
Everywhere we go
They want to know

Verse #1

We are so close
Yet so damn far
They all stare
as we chill at the bar
They don't know
and I want to show
Why I am here
Why should we fear

Verse #2

Remember that night
Face lit by Candlelight
Rose in my mouth
Thoughts headed south
Our lips locked deep
A spark we both feel
In our heads
Why should we dread?

Verse #3

Everyday we deny
Our bullshit lie
That we are not one
We don't go out, have fun
I life with you
I still dream
Tried of my shame
Why do we play this game?

The Chords are Dm, Am, C, G and I can't remember the finger placements yet but the structure of the song was a picking sequence through the chorus with light strumming of chords through the verses. I still think it is the best song I ever wrote and it was played live at least twice and a bunch of times in my house in Inkster while convincing Miss Christy to take off her pants.

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