Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bills fire long time VP or College Scouting

Buffalo Bills Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrack has been with the team since 2011. He was fired this week, just days after the 2011 NFL draft. I cannot argue that he didn't deserve to get fired, but once again I have to question how this team goes about things. Modrack should've been fired last year if not sooner, and he really seems to be the victim of the Bills overall lack of a clear direction.

This team decided awhile back to move from the 4-3 defense to a 34 defense even though they did not have the personnel to effectively run hat scheme. They have also failed to draft players for that scheme prior to 2011. How that reflects on the job Modrack has done is beyond me. Sure the team ahs failed to find the right players, but do we blame the Chief Scout for that?

Sure the Bills turned in a under average 2010 draft class (so far), but the 2011 class looks to be pretty good. I really have to question why you would let a guy run a draft and then fire him days later. Obliviously the Bills were not satisfied with his job performance, so why allow him to work through the 2011 draft. Granted doing this now gives the Bills a full year to get another guy into this position, but if the 20111 draft class fails I really got to question the wisdom of letting a guy no one seems to trust to do all of the scouting.

Sure the Bills have a few pieces from their last two classes, like RB CJ Spiller from 2010. They are also very high on DT Torrell Troup and DE Alex Carrington both taken in the 2010 draft. They added Marcel Dareus and LB Kelvin Sheppard in the 2011 NFL draft. For me that looks to be two solid steps towards remaking the team into a 34 defense ready.

On top of all that it really looks like the first five picks of the 2011 class will make big impacts on this club, and may even start. With that in mind I really have to wonder why Modrack has been made the scrape goat. My point here is if this guys deserved to get fired now (and I think he really did) why wait this long. Why didn’t Buddy Nix fire him a year ago?

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