Thursday, November 17, 2011

Week eleven NFL picks

Allrighty then, last week your truly went 10-6. Not terribly bad, but not where I would like to be. By the way, Thursday Night football is one of the best things of the fall, and with that said let us get to it:

1. New York Jets (5-4) at Denver Broncos (4-5)

This is actually a pretty good match up. We have to wonder how long the Broncos can continue to win without the benefit of the forward pass. Th Broncos defense is also better than most realize. The jets have a defense that could shut down the Broncos, but are coming off a deflating loss. In the need I cannot see the Jets slipping again so I will take them on the road.

This is another great match up. The Bengals are for real, but the defense is slipping. The Ravens play poorly against bad team, but seem ready to take on another challenge. I will take the Ravens at home in this one.

What a stinker, but they can't all be good. This is a tough one to predict, but I will take the Jaguars on the road because the Browns offense is really that bad. This one could be a tie, and it has tie written all over it. I really don't like taking Blaine Gabbert on the road, but seriously the Cleveland offense sucks.

Normally I would take my team, the Lions, hands down winners at home. However, this team plays worse at home and Matthew Stafford is coming off a terrible game. I think the Panthers running game will give the Lions defense trouble. However, the Panthers defense is terrible and the Lions should roll to an easy win, and right the ship.

This is an easy one, the Packers continue to march towards the perfect season.

6. Buffalo Bills (5-4) at Miami Dolphins (2-7)

This could be a good game. The Dolphins have finally figured some things out, and won a home game. The Bills need this game more, after losing two straight big. I am torn, as I think the Bills season rests on a win here, however I will take the Fish at home in this one.

I think he Raiders offense is coming around. They are soft in the secondary, but the Vikings cannot exploit that weakness. The Viking defense is terrible and the Raiders should be able to take full advantage.

This promises to be a tough match up despite the records. These two teams do not like each other, and that means the tone of this game should be heavy. However, the Redskins are a mess and the Cowboys offense is starting to perk up. I'll take the Cowboys on the road.

Another pretty easy one. The Cardinals are struggling and the 49ers are playing inspired football. 49ers at home, no doubt.

Another crap match up, and we will see it again in three weeks on Monday Night Football. This is a toss up, but Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo needs this game more to keep his job. I'll take the Rams by three or less.

It does not look like the Titans have the offensive weapons to take out a decent team on the road. The Falcons need to start making some noise, and I will take them at home.

I think that the Chargers are not very good, and that the Bears are peaking at the right time. No matter what Devin Hester is able to do I think the Bears kick the crap out of the Chargers.

I think the so called dream team has turned into a nightmare. History tells us that one cannot buy a Super Bowl title. The Giants are a decent team who should beat the Eagles by 10 or more.

This game looked a lot better two weeks ago. The Chiefs offense has hit a wall, and the Patriots need a win. The Pats are coming off a great victory, while the Chiefs are barely treading water. I'll take the Patriots at home by a bunch.

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