Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week Ten NFL Picks

Allrighty then, the first week of Thursday Night football and that means we get some football a little early. With that said let us get to my week ten NFL picks:

This is a tough one. Both teams have issues and both are on losing streaks. It would seem that the Raiders would have the edge here, just because they have more talent on defense, but I am not ready to believe in Carson Palmer. I think Phillip Rivers found something at the end of the Green Bay Game and that will be the difference. I got he Chargers by less than seven.

Another tough one. The Saints are coming off their most complete game of the year, and the Falcons have really found a grove. This one could have a shootout feel, and I think there the Saints have the edge. I got the Saints by three.

Chris Johnson is not the force that he once was, and this is an offense that the Panthers can stop. Carolina has a tough time closing out games, but I think they can soundly beat the Titans.

The difference in this game has got to be the defense. Bengals QB Andy Dalton has not seen a defense this good since he played the San Francisco 49ers, and he only managed 8 points in that contest. While the Bengals D line will give the Steelers trouble, the Steelers D makes all the difference.

The first really terrible game of the week. The Browns cannot move the ball and the offense is terrible. However, their wins have come against terrible teams and St. Louis certainly qualifies. This one looks like a stinker and I got the Browns eking out a win.

The bet here is Rob Ryan learned from the New York Jets how to shut down the Bills offense. That should make this a long day for Buffalo. I got the Cowboys in this one.

Another stinker. The Colts should win a game somewhere, even if they don't seem to care too. The Jaguars are coming off a bye and heir head coach's job is at stake. I'll take the Jags as the Colts continue to suck for Luck.

I always like the Chiefs at home, and I think their defense will be ready for Tim Tebow and his new bag of tricks. The Chiefs need to get over the loss to Miami, and I think they will do it this week against the Broncos.

The Dolphins suck out loud, and suck worse at home. They are on a 1-12 run in their own stadium. Of course the Redskins are not exactly awesome (or even good). This one looks like a stinker and I will take the Dolphins to win even though they need to lose.

I do not believe in the Eagles' dream team but it is not a great accomplishment to beat the awfully bad Cardinals. This is another stinker by two teams going nowhere. Must miss TV for sure. I got the Eagles with their backs against the wall to earn a win sort of.

The Texans do a lot of things well, and are making a run at their first divisional championship. The Bucs are so desperate to save their season they claimed Albert Haynesworth or waivers. That is a loser move for a loser team, who is going to lose.

I usually like the Seahawks at home, but the Ravens have taken a few shots to the head and need to get their season back on track. They have struggled against bad teams, but this looks like an easy win. Hopefully they go out west and take care of business.

While the Lions are my team, the Bears are very motivated right now. They also have the weapons that can do a ton of damage to the Lions defense. I want the Lions to win, and they have been pretty good on the road however, I think the Bears pull this one out in a close one.

This is likely a playoff preview in the NFC. Both team are pretty good, but I cannot bet agasint the Niners right now. I think they win a close one and continue a great season.

The Jets have a chance to take complete control of the AFC East with a win. The Patriots have lost two straight. I don't think that streak reaches three. Give me the Patriots in a great game.

This is a slam dunk. The Vikings suck, and the Packers are playing football at a different level. They seem poised to make a run at 16-0.

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