Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week 13 NFL picks

So after getting my but kicked on Thanksgiving Day, I rebounded to go 12-4 in Week 12. Not to bad but I want more. I want to do better. I am looking for the perfect week. With that siad let us get started with the week 13 picks:

Must miss TV if I ever saw it. We think that the Eagles have hit bottom, but I am not convinced. I am a big fan of the Sea Chickens at home and I think they will put another nail in Andy Reid's coffin. The Eagles are going nowhere and have Vince Young at the helm. This is likely to be a really ugly game.

This is a tough one. The Bills have disintegrated, but most of that has been on the road. At home against a mediocre opponent they might look a lot better. The Titans are starting to get Chris Johnson back, but the pass game is terrible. I'll take the Bills at home even though the Titans are trying to steal a playoff spot.

I would love to pick the Chiefs, because my Detroit Lions need the Bears to lose. These are two teams with issues at QB and I think Soldier Field gives the Bears an advantage. For now I gotta go with the Bears because they are a better team.

I really feel bad for the Texans, the AFC south is theirs for the taking but they have big issues at QB. The Falcons need another win to keep running strong at the NFL playoffs. The Falcons could win their division, but the Saints stand in the way. Of course the Texans need to make a big play for Donovan McNabb once he is released, but that will not help them this week. With all of that in mind I gotta go with the Falcons.

This is a tough one. The Dolphins need to lose, but Tony Sparano is trying to save his job. A win probably is not enough to do that, and it could mess up the Dolphins plans come the 2012 NFL draft. The Raiders are banged up, and due for a stumble but they find a way to win. Even with the Dolphins 2-3 at home this year I don't like them at home and will take the Raiders in this one.

All Tim Tebow does is find ways to win football games, and I think he will do so once again in Minnesota.

The Colts continue to sell out their fans and suck for Luck. The Patriots do what they do, and win another game in route to the playoffs.

A great match up in the AFC North. While the Bengals have played the Steeelers and Baltimore Ravens tough, and they are due to win one of these games, the Steeelers have been outstanding at home and their new young crop of receivers makes the difference in this game versus a Bengals secondary that is banged up.

Another stinkfest. However, The Panthers have a running attack hat could expose the Bucs' woeful defense. If Raheem Morris losses this one he will likely be fired sooner rather that later. As it stands I have no faith in the Bucs, and think the Panthers win a close one.

The Jets need this one badly, and they need QB Mark Sanchez to do well. Mike Shanahan may be on the hot seat. I have little faith in the Redskins (even though I thought they would be better than this in 2011). I'll take the Jets by a couple.

The hated rat birds return to Cleveland. The Ravens need to keep on winning, and while the Browns are improving, they are not at the level to compete with the Ravens just yet. I expect a close game just because this is the ultimate rivalry game, but in the end I have little faith in the Browns offense. I got the Ravens by three.

Even though the Cardinals have roughed up the Cowboys in the last two outings, this year's Cowboys consistently outpace mediocre to bad NFL clubs. I got the Cowboys in this on has they march to a NFC East title.

My Lions need the Giants to lose another one, and thankfully the Packers are in town to do just that. The simple fact here is the Packers are playing on another level right now.

This is the 49ers team I expected last year, and Jim Harbaugh has them playing very well. The Rams are a mess and a firing or tow are on the horizon. I got the 49ers by a lot.

How long ago were the Lions 5-0? They need a win, but the Saints are rolling and the Lions have not played well against good NFL teams so far in 2011. This one could get very ugly, and I got the Saints by at least 14.

The Jaguars are a mess, and the Chargers are struggling. The only difference I see is Maurice Jones-Drew and I think the Jaguars can ride him to a win.

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