Friday, January 20, 2012

2009 St. Louis Rams NFL draft review: Three years later

When we see teams pick at the top of the draft in many successive years, we automatically know that they have not done a great job making draft picks. In 2009 the Rams picked second, in 2010 first, 2011 14th, and they will have the second overall selection in the coming 2012 draft. That seems to be a strong indicator that there are missing the boat on a lot of draft picks.

Their first pick in 2009 was OT Jason Smith. It looks like he will be a salary cap casualty this off-season as his salary far outweighs his production on the field. He seems to not have a strong passion for the game, and that is a big issue. The future of the Rams rests in keeping QB Sam Bradford on his feet and if Smith cannot do that (in justifiable terms to his salary) then it may simply be time to move on for this team.

Now in the second round the Rams hit a home run in 2009. With the 35th overall pick they got MLB James Laurinitis out of Ohio State. He is the captain of their defense, and has been very productive in his three seasons since being drafted. However, their third round pick Brandon Fletcher does not even appear on their depth chart right now. That may be due to an injury, but a team in the position hat the Rams are need to draft productive starters in the first three rounds. So far from the 2009 draft class they have just one legit, impactful starter.

The news gets worse for this team as none of their picks past round four remain on the roster. That is seven draft picks for one impactful starter, one guy with no passion and a backup DT taken in round four. The simple fact here is the St. Louis Rams must do better in finding talent in the NFL draft. The final grade for this draft comes in at a C+ since Laurinitis is such an impactful player.

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