Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week Nine NFL Picks

So my record for the year (at least on this site) is 8-5. We are certainly looking to do better than that in week nine. With that said let's have at it.

I hate the Jets and all the smack Rex Ryan uses to talk. they have beaten The Dolphins and Chargers in recent weeks and that has them feeling like they are a lot better than they actually are. The Bills are for real and I will take them in a close one. Bills win by less than seven points.

Two teams I have little or no faith in. This is a terrible match up. However, the Cowboys are not very good against good teams, but know how to really step on bad ones. I got the Cowboys by ten or more in this one.

Nothing is going right for the Cleveland Browns. the defense is pretty good, but the offense cannot do anything. The Texans are looking at their first divisional championship and there is no way they let the Browns derail that train.

The Falcons play pretty well in domes, and the Colts suck out loud. the Falcons need to win, and the Colts need to lose to get a shot at Andrew Luck. I think both teams do what they need to do.

I like the Chiefs at home against good team, I like them at home even more against teams that are as bad as Miami seems to be. Miami needs to lose to keep pace in the Suck for Luck contest and they have no motivation to win. On top of the fact that they have a head coach who is keeping his job because of the losing. He cannot screw that up and go out and win one.

These are two teams that are very up and down. The Bucs have won two straight in New Orleans, and they could do so again. I am leaning towards them winning as I am not a big believer in the Saints right now. The Saints played poorly against an inferior team last week, and I think they will do so again this week. losing is infectious.

Jim Harbaugh just learned that anything can happen. The Rams can beat the Saints, and coming off the bye he will have his 6-1 49ers ready to take down the Redskins. Washington gives up to many big plays, and their O line will not be bale to handle the front seven of the 49ers.

The Denver Broncos are going nowhere with Tim Tebow at the helm. The Oakland Raiders have had a bye week to help teach Carson Palmer the offense. I do not believe in either of these teams, but the Raiders win by a bunch.

I am starting to believe in the Bengals. They do a lot of things well. The Titans are in the middle of a rebuild and Chris Johnson has yet to show up. I like the Bengals in this one by three or so.

This is probably the worst game of week nine. The Rams did beat the Saints but have issues. The Cardinals have returned to the lowly team they have been. I think St. Louis gets its second win, since they do not have to suck for Luck.

This one is simple I always take the Patriots after a loss. This is not a team that losses games in bunches and they will be ready to avenge last week's loss.

Is there any reason to think that the Packers, after a bye, will slow down. They are playing this game at a different level. The Chargers do not have the defensive weapons to slow down this attack.

This is a great match up and the winner takes a big step towards winning the AFC north. The Steelers have won four in a row, but LB injury concerns. However, in the NFL anything can happen. This one smells like an upset, but I will take the safe road and stick with the Steelers.

Me thinks the dream team is back. Chicago is a pretty good team and can do some things well, but they look over matched in this one. Andy Reid coaches best with his back against the wall, and at 3-4 this is a team that cannot afford to lose right now. This may be a close one, but I think the Eagles will prevail in the end.

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